Monitrax BV is an organization that focuses on the development and sales of sustainable products that result in savings on costs and / or the environment.

Our organization currently focuses on three different product groups that are sold separately and also sold in combination, namely:

@Connect: With our software @CONNECT we develop and visualize ship data for the improvement of sailing profiles and other systems on board of ships. Making clear reports is central.

Micfil Ultra Fine Filters: Microfiltration up to 0.5 micron of hydraulic, lubricating, and gas oil for reducing wear, achieving optimal combustion and possibly extending life times (always in combination with oil analyzes) with our product MICFIL . Micro Filtration systems both Active and Bypass as fixed installation or temporarily in a portable version.

ExoMission: Through ‘fuel-water emulsion’ we reduce NOx and soot emissions and we realize a fuel saving. We do this with our ExoMission unit.


In 2017, Monitrax was founded with its products:

Our business activities include a wide range of solutions in the field of monitoring, filtration, and emissions and these solutions are usually implemented in the Marine, Offshore and Industry markets.


We serve our customers completely in the field of control and information technology, both as a knowledge and sparring partner, and in the implementation of solutions (products and services).

If you choose Monitrax, you opt for practical knowledge, quality, innovation and specialism. Monitrax delivers custom-made trusses and works together with select partners who have been certified to ensure the highest quality ISO 9001: 2015, NEN3140 and VCA.


Monitrax strives to realize its projects as sustainably as possible, with attention for Planet, People and Profit. We separate our waste streams at the source and use environmentally friendly (packaging) materials wherever possible. And in our sustainable building, we regulate the climate with green energy and only in the rooms where it is needed. In addition, electric cars can be refueled at our parking spaces. Of course, attention is paid to the welfare of our employees, by periodically talking about safety, training and future prospects. Externally we take responsibility by sponsoring various organizations, both locally and nationally.


Monitrax distinguishes itself in the market through a practical approach to projects. All parts facets we carry out in-house or with selected partners, this translates into an advantage for our customers. We link a project engineer to each project. Our team of employees has the right knowledge and experience to carry out assignments optimally.


No matter how extensive, complex and / or international your project is, you always have one contact point with us. One contact person with whom you can spar in content. This way we combine structured project management with inspiring interaction.