With exomission, Monitrax developed a Fuel Water Emulsion technology to reduce emissions of diesel engines.

That adding water to the fuel dramatically sinks both soot emissions and nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel engines has been scientifically proven and recognised for some time. As far as soot reduction is concerned, the best way to add water is to form an emulsion of fuel and water. With our patented Fuel Water Emulsion technology (FWE), we are practically helping diesel engines to stop smoking!

The Fuel Water Emulsion (FWE) is the most efficient technology that enables soot and nitrogen oxide emissions to be reduced at the same time: We reach a soot reduction up to 90%, a nitrogen oxide reduction up to 70% and the fuel consumption reduced up to 10%.

With FWE, Monitrax has a primary technology for the reduction of exhaust gas, which can be implemented and retrofitted on all diesel engines, regardless of whether they are prechamber/swirl chamber engines or unit injector/common rail direct injection engines. The emulsion is produced immediately before the injection pump; no intervention in the engine or the direct injection system is required.

How does it work

The overview

  • Redirection of fuel line in the ExoMission FWE
  • Adding water to the fuel (Diesel, MGO or HFO)
  • Production of a finely distributed, homogeneous Diesel-Water-Emulsion
  • Return of the Emulsion to the fuel pump
  • Burning of the Emulsion in the combustion chamber

The process in the combustion chamber

  • Water evaporates quickly and explosively in the combustion chamber
  • Much faster than untreated diesel fuel
  • The Dieselspray from the injectors „split up“ into smaller droplets
  • better, more homogeneous Fuel mix
  • larger Surface for attaching Oxygen with Fuel
  • fat fuel mixture is drastically reduced
  • massive Reduction of Soot
  • Consumption and CO2-Emissions decrease
  • Reduction of the combustion temperature which is responsible for the NOx-Emission


Protect the environment

and you save money at the same time!

  • The aftertreatment of exhaust gases by a SCR-system causes a higher fuel consumption due to back pressure in the exhaust system
  • Sootfilters must be removed and cleaned between 1.000 and 3.000 operational hours
  • SCR-Systems use expensive aqueous urea (AdBlue®) to reduce the nitrogen

Unrivaled advantages of the ExoMission FWE
through double savings: Emission and Fuel

Areas of Application

The possible areas of use of emulsion technology are highly diverse:

inland waterway vessels

  • combined heat and power units (CHP)
  • diesel generators
  • diesel railway vehicles
  • large land-based mobile machines
  • seagoing vessels

Sustainable vessels

Environmentally friendly with rendement!


The ExoMission FWE-Technic works different!

  • No extra counterpressure in exhaust system
  • Low operation- and maintenance costs
  • And a lower fuel consumption!!

We like to make an inventarisation how the Fuel-Water emulsion technology helps to safe costs and environment.

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Schoon besparen


Also this Inland navigation ships

already sail and economize


TMS Rudolf Deymann Main engine: Wärtsilä 6L20 1.076 kW Tanker 110 m 2.322 to.


MS Aarburg Main engine: ABC MDZC-166 A 1.325 kW Container vessel 135 m ● 3.297 to.


Imperial GAS 74 Main engine: 2 x Mitsubishi 634 kW Tanker ● 85 m ● 1.158 to.

This is how it looks like

The new ExoMission FWE Module technique

The installation

The installation at the shipyard tightly planned. Time is money and the next load is already waiting. Access to the engine room is narrow and steep, the space is very limited. At the same time, fitting and welding damage the paint in the engineroom. Therefore a quick installation without damages is required.

The Solution

Prefabed modulair Modules!

Features and Benefits

  • The Modules are Completely manufactured and fully tested at the factory
  • The Modules are small, lightweight and also fit through narrow access doors
  • The arrangement is flexible: beside-, behind-, on top of each and/or separately
  • Standard hydraulic Connections on the back of the Modules
  • High-quality elektrical Industrial plug-in connectors on the back of the Modules


The Base module of the ExoMission FWE


It cannot installed faster

Installation – Connecting – Commisioning - Finish


Connecting and Finish

Power and data transfer ready with plugs


Simpel or double?



Water preparation!

De new modular Water preparation

Adjusting and connection ready

  • The Pre-filter protects the Pump for high contamination
  • The Pump supplies constant Pressure for the Water preparation
  • The UV-C-Filter eliminates biological Components in the Water
  • The fine filter removes the dead constituents and remaining sediments

Water preparation!

The new modular Water preparation


Water preparation!

The new modular WaterPreparation


Water preparation!

The new modular Waterpreparation


An Investment that pays double

ecological and economical

  • Up to 100% Sootreduction
  • Up to 80% NOx-Reduction
  • Up to 10% less Fuel consumption
  • Up to 10% less CO2-Emission
  • Short payback time (ROI)
  • High Efficiency


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